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Small Subdivision

Feasibility Study & Cost Estimate
$175 + GST
  • Info on Estimated Time Frames
  • Stage by Stage Cost Estimate
  • All relevant Government Fees and Charges
  • Requirements of Government Authorities

Property Health Check

One on One with Natalie
$250 + GST
  • Property health check & goal setting
  • Guidance on creating and executing a plan
  • Access to smart out of the box ideas
  • Personalised Service all the time
  • Complete peace of mind


Cost estimate & Design Guidance
$175 plus GST
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Perth Property Investment Seminar

 9th June 2015  |  South Perth Library  |  6:30pm – 8:30pm


Experts are predicting a flat 2015 property market. Did you know this is music to our ears!

The best time to invest is when competition is low and supply increasing, it means you can get properties at discounted prices and great terms!

At Subpro we look at how you can control your asset and increase its value through value- add strategies. By doing this you are not reliant on the market- you add the value!


Come to our FREE event to learn more about:

Opportunities available right now in this current market.

Learn how to outperform the averages.

How to create cash flow and or capital growth.

Find out which areas are going through rezoning.

Examples of property deals, showing you some pitfalls and tips to maximise your returns.

As well as learning some negotiating strategies that work well in flat market.

Or if you understand the power of networking this is a great chance to network with like minded passionate property people.

If you are passionate about property, or would just like to get a better feel of the market and where opportunities lie, join us for this event!

Register your front row seat now!

Subpro Realty | All Rights Reserved Copyright 2015








Subdivisions 101

16th June 2015 | South Perth Library | 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Having built a portfolio of positively geared properties in double digits, Abel Jardim, founder and director of Subpro Subdivisions and Property Professionals, knows a thing or two about investing, developing and prospering through property.


We invite you to join us at our free info session, where Abel will share his story with you and give you some valuable tips on how best to maximise the returns on your properties now.


Come and learn more about:

·         Completing a land subdivision and how best to maximise your yield;

·         Understanding the residential planning codes;

·         Reading the town planning schemes;

·         The complete INS and OUTS of a subdivision project; and

·         The advantages and pitfalls in doing a land subdivision.


If you understand the power of networking and are passionate about property, simply don’t miss this informative event! 

Come and pick the brains of professionals who have been there, done it, and are still doing it. 

Register your front row seat now!

Subpro Subdivisions & Property Professionals | All Rights Reserved Copyright 2015


Meet our wonderful team members

Abel Jardim

Abel Jardim

Property Development

With fifteen years of experience, Abel’s passion for pushing the boundaries of property development has proved to achieve outstanding results for his clients time and time again. Whether it’s a subdivision, a construction, a development, or a combination of the three, Abel’s processes have been designed to give you maximum yield with minimum fuss.

Natalie Jardim

Natalie Jardim

Investment Services

Nat Is an experienced property investor, developer and educator. She understands the power of property to not only create cash- flow but also wealth via property. Her keen eye to detail has enabled her to find outstanding deals for herself personally, but also for her clients.
She is passionate about helping others on their property journey so they too can create the life they design.

Gaurav M Sharma

Gaurav M Sharma

Business Strategy & Project Management

Gaurav is an experienced business consultant in property development & business strategy sectors. Gaurav is passionate about facilitating growth and betterment in all aspects of one’s life. This is in addition to his extensive experience in Strategic Business Development, Finance and Residential Building, which enables him to offer a flexible yet systematic perspective on all property development projects at SUBPRO. He gets the ultimate satisfaction by creating and adding sustainable value to any projects – If you have an idea, he would love to make it work.


Shannon Burke

Shannon Burke


Shannon Burke is our Property Renovations Manager. She has over 10 years of experience with renovating properties and handling trades. There is no job too big or too small for Shannon and her team of fully qualified and insured trades. Shannon is passionate about creating the inner beauty in her client’s properties. From increasing the value in investment properties to updating a primary residence, Shannon has the knowledge and experience to bring out the inner beauty of your home.

Ellie Partridge

Ellie Partridge

Office Management

Ellie is our office guru. With her attention to detail and her passion for helping people achieve their full potential, she is more than happy going through the paperwork with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – so you don’t have to.

Ben Mcloughlin

Ben Mcloughlin

Property Research

Ben is our Property Research Expert. Ben has been working within real estate investment sector for over 10 years personally and professionally. Fast action, diligent inquiry and a calm mind under pressure, he always ensures the best results. A property investor himself, and a former sales consultant he merges these roles together within the Buyers Agency to source the best properties, negotiate the best deals and always ensure the best outcomes for SUBPRO clients.

Kate Trevenen

Kate Trevenen

Buyer’s Agency

Kate is a property developer with experience in development and project management in the private sector and experience in management and project management in the corporate arena. Kate’s experience provides her with insight into development feasibility and program management spanning the entire property development life cycle.  These strengths are complimented by a background in management of people, work flows and systems.  Kate draws on these strengths to bring you Subpro Connect, regular blog updates and also assists with the Buyers Agency research.


We attended a Subpro seminar. It was very informative and interesting, these guys really know their stuff.

Joedy & Des Airoidi

Indeed THE BEST, and soothing experience, throughout.

Ved Tiwari

Thank you very much the support. Team Subpro is really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problem. All the best!!

David Soriano

Great customer service and assistance throughout the project. Really happy!!

Stefano Roganti

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