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Buyers Agency
Are you looking for an investment property but not sure where to start? Subpro Realty's Buyers Agency specialises in finding properties with value add potential so you are not at the mercy of the current market.
Subpro offers a range of surveying services, allowing us to provide comprehensive service for both our subdivision clients and those with individual surveying needs. We specialise in boundary re-pegs, Feature Surveys, Survey-Strata, Built-Strata and Green-Title.
Whether it be multi dwellings, infill sites or apartments, Subpro has over 15 years of experience. We offer joint ventures, acquisitions, project management, feasibilities and various other services.
Subpro can help you take your property to it's maximum use. We offer initial feasibility reports so you can gauge costs and timeframes before moving forward, as well as full project management of the entire subdivision.
House & Land Packages
Having a subdivision leg of the company has many advantages, including access to land at wholesale prices. It’s a great way of creating equity for those that don’t have much cash on hand and has many advantages, including paying a deposit on just the land price instead of a whole house.
Other Value Add Strategies
At Subpro we are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your investment property. If a subdivision doesn't fit your needs we have various other value add strategies that will ensure you are getting everything you can from your investment.


Attend our upcoming Info Sessions

Perth Property Investment Seminar
14th of June 2016 / South Perth Library / 6:30pm to 8:30pm / Learn about how you can create growth in your portfolio rather than waiting around for the market to rise. Get an update on the current Perth market and see examples of our various value-add strategies.
Subdivision & Development Educational Bus Tour
Coming Soon / A day of hands on education with property experts as we take you to real subdivision and development sites and teach you how to do the numbers!
Subdivisions 101
Coming soon....

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Meet our wonderful team members

Abel Jardim

Abel Jardim

Property Development

With fifteen years of experience, Abel’s passion for pushing the boundaries of property development has proved to achieve outstanding results for his clients time and time again. Whether it’s a subdivision, a construction, a development, or a combination of the three, Abel’s processes have been designed to give you maximum yield with minimum fuss.

Natalie Jardim

Natalie Jardim

Investment Services

Nat Is an experienced property investor, developer and educator. She understands the power of property to not only create cash- flow but also wealth via property. Her keen eye to detail has enabled her to find outstanding deals for herself personally, but also for her clients.
She is passionate about helping others on their property journey so they too can create the life they design.

Tyson Segaram

Tyson Segaram

Licensed Surveyor

Tyson is the newest member of the Subpro team. He is a fully licensed surveyor working on site and in the office, providing hands on consultation and in house surveying services for our clients. Tyson started surveying in 2008 before starting a bachelor of Surveying at Curtin University in 2009. He officially became a Licensed Surveyor in September 2014 and continued to work in the industry gaining further experience in many areas of the surveying profession until moving to Subpro in November 2015.

Ben Mcloughlin

Ben Mcloughlin

Buyers Agent

Ben is our Property Research Expert. Ben has been working within real estate investment sector for over 10 years personally and professionally. Fast action, diligent inquiry and a calm mind under pressure, he always ensures the best results. A property investor himself, and a former sales consultant he merges these roles together within the Buyers Agency to source the best properties, negotiate the best deals and always ensure the best outcomes for SUBPRO clients.

Yannick Hardy

Yannick Hardy

Project Management

Yannick is our Project Management specialist, with over 13 years of experience in the subdivision and surveying fields. His previous work experience includes Property People Surveying (PPS) for 9.5 years, starting out as a survey assistant then working up to a full time surveyor. Eventually he moved into development including processing designs and applications.
After PPS was bought out by The Land Division (TLD) he stayed on as Survey Manager for 2.5 years, taking care of everything from quoting, lodging applications and helping clients complete their conditions, organising surveying and getting their jobs to final approval stage (in order for dealings).

Debbie Mosca

Debbie Mosca

Office Administrator

Debbie comes to us with a diverse range of qualifications; she has owned and operated salons, been a flight attendant and has spent the last 15 years working within many office settings from construction, sales and mentoring. She loves working with people and prides herself on being organized, efficient & most of all, happy. She is here to make sure everything runs smoothly for all your Subpro needs.

Stephen Soon

Stephen Soon

International Sales Representative

Over 10 years experience in the Real Estate industry both in Singapore and Australia as a selling agent focussing on house and land packages. His background prior was in financial services and as such brings a wealth of knowledge to investing, purchasing and selling. Stephen prides himself in providing great customer service with attention to detail.

Stephanie Kelly

Stephanie Kelly

Maketing Coordinator and Buyers Agency Assistant

With a degree in Creative Industries and a history of great customer service, Stephanie combines the two to keep clients up to date with the search process, while creating and coordinating all of Subpro’s media and marketing, getting the word out about all of our great services!

We work closely with


Elaine – Subdivision & Buyer’s Agency

Caroline – Subdivision & Buyer’s Agency

Wendy – Property Buyer’s Agency Client

Michelle – Subdivision Client

Renee – Property Buyer’s Agency Client

Lisa – Property Buyer’s Agency Client

We attended a Subpro seminar. It was very informative and interesting, these guys really know their stuff.

Joedy & Des Airoidi

Indeed THE BEST, and soothing experience, throughout.

Ved Tiwari

Thank you very much the support. Team Subpro is really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problem. All the best!!

David Soriano

Great customer service and assistance throughout the project. Really happy!!

Stefano Roganti

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